Our tour begins collecting out visitors in their hotels lobby or location , then we take 20 to 25 minutes to get to the base.

Once there we proceed to supply our costumers with their helmets and start a breifing to familiarize them with the Polaris, Four Wheels (ATV´s), Horses and Buggies and give them 10 minutes of practice. Finishing this requirements we start our tour, consisiting of three stops through tropical landscapes and a typical village where guests can watch and enjoy part of our culture and traditions.

We have professional guides who will be directing costumers all the way in wich we offer water to hydrate you.

Our first stop is at Macao Beach, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of our country. Then we headed to a second stop where guests can take pictures and enjoy an exhibition and taste of our traditional cigars, coffee and chocolate. The third and last stop we visited the cave (The Hole Molina) where our clients can have fun and take a bath in the fresh and clean water.

Once the adventures ends, we will head back to the base and take you back to your location.

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